This session features a distinguished panel of industrial designers and product development engineers with particular expertise in the topic Design for Usability. The importance and key challenges associated with masking the complexity of new consumer electronics products with ever increasing features. We are pleased to welcome the following panellists: Matt Jones, Vice President GENIVI, from

From concept-to-commercialization, SnS Design is sensitive to the everyday challenges that companies face in optimizing time-to-market product development cycles. “Our challenge has been to educate both our sales team and national retailers with respect to the Amana heritage of high quality design, exclusive technology innovations, and relevance for today’s consumers. We approached SNS Design to

She was only seven years old, a girl in her native Delhi, India when she became fascinated by watching her brothers and sisters draw their biology diagrams. By the time she was nine; Nisha Sawhney was actively participating in art and design competitions and winning them. Nisha Sawhney: CEO of SnS Design, was only seven