Happy Mothers of Invention Day

We call them ‘mompreneurs’ or ‘mom inventors’, but many people don’t realize the significant contributions that women bring to innovation. The paper bag, windshield wipers, Kevlar, the dishwasher, disposable diapers, retractable dog leashes, even Monopoly – all invented by women.

As a woman-owned company, SnS Design celebrates the contributions that these women have made to product innovation in hopes of inspiring others to forge ahead with their ideas. Founder and CEO of SnS Design, Nisha Sawhney was only 9 years old in her native India, when she was inspired by the drawings of her siblings. Soon, she was not only competing in art and design competitions, but winning them.

After earning her Bachelor’s Degree in Architecture and her Masters in Industrial Design, she moved from Delhi to New York City to begin a new life and career. Early on she discovered she wanted to start her own company, so she could help others with the same entrepreneurial spirit.

Her first product was designing a line of baby cribs, moved to shoe design and eventually on to more advanced products like air conditioners and electric car charging station. Today, SnS Design clients range from startups to Fortune 500 companies. She believes that women will play a crucial role in the market because they have “great natural skills, the ability to multi-task, are intuitive and caring”.

Women have the ability to create something where there is a need. If they can’t find it, they’ll invent it. Often the main purchaser of the household, they have a unique understanding of the products that are on the market and are natural problem-solvers.

Additionally, the rise of the Internet and social media are creating more opportunities for mothers with children at home to exchange ideas, information and connect. Today, if you Google “mom inventors” and “women inventors”, you get a combined total of over 8 million results!

In an issue of Enterprising Women, Sawhney affirms, “There are more women business owners than ever before and we need to continue this trend upward. Together, we can empower and help each other in many different ways. We can share our experiences and expand on the networking culture that exists today online, link up and provide help to each other.”

Working mom and Co-creator of leading cosmetic brand, TEMPTU, Samantha Mandor is a wonderful example of women who are revolutionizing the business world. Between her busy family life and a demanding career in publishing, she and her husband set out to change the face of the professional makeup industry.

TEMPTU came to SnS Design for help with:

– Sleek, user-friendly product design
– Attractive Packaging
– Strategy Planning & Project Management
– Industrial & Engineering Design
– Verification
– Production & Manufacturing Processes

What Temptu Say about Nisha Sawhney:
Nisha helped make Temptu into Apple computer compared to all the competition which are viewed as PC’s in the professional makeup Industry.

Thinking of a great invention?