Amcor Happy Hippo Airpurifier

A fun air purifier for your child's contentment


  • Introduce a new kids friendly air purifier in the market that blends with kids contentment
  • Needed a kid-friendly character that hides a multiple stage filtration system that works to remove odors and particles and kill bacteria and viruses
  • Incorporate the safety shutoff activates when the filter door is opened so little one’s fingers avoid any moving parts.
  • To differentiate from competition
  • Needed features without increasing manufacturing cost
  • Strategy Planning
  • Project Management
  • Market Research
  • User Research
  • Trends
  • Brainstorming


Industrial Design
  • Product design
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Engineering and manufacturing compliance
  • Verification
  • Packaging
  • Graphics
  • Sales Presentation for retail stores
  • Product demo Video
  • High quality 3D renderings


  • Manufacturing and tooling solutions
  • Production Processes
  • Manufacture ready production files and packaging files


  • Millions produced and sold in high-end retailsuch as : Kmart, Ebay, Target, QVC
  • SnS Designed several products for Amcor including Portable air conditioner, humidifier, water leak alert, GPS, USB hub & dongle

Business type– Manufacturer

Country– USA