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SnS Design was selected to design the No Mess Press™, a dynamic patent pending, multi-functional, handheld electronic can opener that presses and drains liquid from a can and offers hands-free lid removal

Cans were opened with a hammer and chisel before the advent of can openers in 1858, 48 years after the first tin can was invented. Now, with the No Mess Press cordless and rechargeable electronic can opener, the can is locked into the opener so that it will never fall off. With the press of a button the can opens as it rotates and with another press of a button 12 pounds of pressure releases the liquid in the can. A magnet holds the lid and releases it into the trash.

According to Nisha Sawhney, President and CEO of SnS Design, there are many can openers that exist in the market, but none of them can squeeze liquid without the user touching the lid. “You will never have to dig out the lid from a can of tuna with a fork or take a chance of cutting yourself while removing the lid from the can because it features a ‘hands-free’ lid removal,” she said.

Other features include: a sleek and light weight design, ability to open various size cans, a build-in bottle opener, an on/off switch for child safety and storage and a removable No Mess Press disc for easy cleaning and rinse. “With the No Mess Press can opener, you simply Lock, Cut, Press, Drain and Release the Lid. It’s as simple as that,” Sawhney concluded.

The innovators of No Mess Press are Michael Tobin, J. Michael Cantore III and J. Emmett Towey, principals of No Mess Press as well as industrial designers Nisha Sawhney. “We had the pleasure of working with Nisha and SnS Design in developing the No Mess Press,” said Michael Tobin. She was able to take our vision and turn it into a reality,” added Tobin.