AireSpa® Home is a 4 in 1 patent pending air enhancement system
Easy to Use, Intuitive User Interface for True Smart Appliance   SnS Design designed the sophisticated yet simple-to-use, 7-inch, wifi-enabled touchscreen interface (UI) for the new AireSpa® is a 4-in-1 patent pending air enhancement system ( . The UI design project, led by chief industrial designer and SnS Design president Nisha Sawhney, included product design, engineering and manufacturing compliance, and verification.   Sawhney’s team managed the entire process, User Interface design, developing marketing animations and presentations, production processes, and manufacture-ready production files. AireSpa features include:
  • Three-stage HEPA air purification system
  • UV-sanitized cool mist humidification
  • Four-fragrance aromatherapy
  • 16 relaxing soundscapes


AireSpa is a true smart appliance. It is a floor standing unit with a design which provides a whole room solution for air purification, cool mist humidification, aromatherapy, and soundscapes. The product has an innovative design, and leverages cutting-edge technology that is designed to serve hotel guests, hotel management and consumer market. It’s simple to use; looks stylish and elegant in any hotel or at home; and contains self-diagnostics which makes it extremely easy to maintain. Custom cloud-based monitoring and reporting software ties each AireSpa unit directly into the hotel partner’s billing system, enabling easy tracking of recurring revenue.