If you have these 10 traits, you’re on the right track.

When it comes to the processes and mindsets that makes product designers successful, it’s all about gaining perspective. It takes great imagination, curiosity and ingenuity to become a product designer. You have the vision to fill a consumer need with your product, but do you have what it takes to make it successful? The best entrepreneurs understand that it takes much more than creativity and a great idea.

10 Leading Traits of Great Product Designers

1. Put customer needs on a higher level than your business goals

Having empathy for your customers is critical. After all, without customers, you have no business. Those who chase money and do not focus on the customer do poorly in the market.

2. Always keep an open mind

It may sound cliché to say you need to keep an open mind when it comes to designing a great product, but nothing could be more important for long-term success. The product design process will have its ups and downs. It’s great to get excited about new ideas, but never stop questioning and stay open to other possibilities.  

3. They know when to say ‘no’

Saying yes is great, but learning when to say ‘no’ is just as important. If something isn’t working, saying ‘no’ is often critical to reaching the next level.

4. Continuously advocate for the consumer

Great product designers recognize being a consumer advocate is a long-term commitment that must constantly evolve in a shifting market. Listening to your customers’ needs and anticipating future problems is a critical step throughout the product development process.

5. Not only takes, but welcomes feedback

No man or woman is an island. We can only grow to greatness by accepting and seeking feedback from customers, our team and other designers. The best designers have relentless curiosity and continually ask how to be better. Collaborating with those who will give you an honest opinion could present new ideas for making improvements that you wouldn’t have thought of yourself.

6. Understand history, not repeat it

The ability to look at what has and what hasn’t worked in the past is the best way to ensure your not repeating history. Great designers don’t reinvent the wheel; they create a totally new wheel. They can look at the shortcomings of their own products and of others similar to theirs and use this information to design something completely unexpected.

7. Know how to drive decisions

As you gain more experience with product design, you’ll begin to develop the ability to make gut decisions based on this experience. The confidence you gain will allow you to be a strong influencer and informed decision-maker among your team. You’ll be able to stand behind your decisions and provide sound reasoning for your product designs.

8. Think with their gut, but don’t rely on it

Even when going with your gut proves to be successful, being a great leader is not relying your gut alone. If you are going to convince others to follow your lead, it always helps to question and test your theories first. Not only should you ask how your product can be better, but ask why.

9. Ability to take a step back

When it comes to staying ahead of the game, being able to take a step back from the product design process can give you the clarity you need to see the whole picture. When all you do is think about the actual design, it’s easy to lose perspective on why you’re doing it. Take the time to learn about people and how your product will help them. You’ll be more motivated and knowledgeable when you return to your work.

10. Understanding it takes teamwork

Great product design is all about teamwork and cross-collaboration. By identifying new problems, finding the right teamand working together seamlessly, you’ll find far more enjoyment in the process. The less stress you put on yourself and the more help you accept, the better your end result will be.

At the end of the day, successful entrepreneurs have a deep passion for what they do and truly believe in their product. They understand that setting goals means continually reassessing them. There are no perfect product planning strategies nor product designers, and accepting that is your first step towards greatness. SnS Design can be the partner you need towards finding your own unique winning business formula.

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