“Make48” (Season 2 Episode 6 | 27m 16s)

Nisha Sawhney, CEO of SnS Design of New York City, is featured in Season Two, Episode 6, as product design expert and mentor for the DrinkSlinger. It will be designed for manufacturability and for store-shelves by Nisha Sawhney and her team. With High Level Global Thinking SnS Design fine-tunes the prototype into a product that can be mass-produced.  “Make48.” Episode 6 was filmed several months ago and is now airing on PBS as well as being streamed to 200 channels.

Find out about all the challenges, design for manufacturability and scalability of DrinkSlinger

Watch Make48 | Season 2 Episode 6 | 27m 16s –  https://www.pbs.org/video/206-zhddok/

Bob sits down with SnS Engineer Joe to learn about digital tools to simulate injection molding and save on expensive mold costs. This is the most crucial part before investing hundreds of dollars into production.

SnS Design bring business ideas and new products into existence utilizing holistic innovative product design solutions. We plan ahead not only for your single project but also for the complete product life cycle and future development of your business. SnS Design guides and support clients by providing valuable assistance at every design stage. Starting from an initial idea to research, conceptual design, invention, product development, engineering, prototype, patent related support, branding, packaging, graphics, point of purchase, 3d Renderings, pre-sale presentation, mechanical design and engineering, manufacturing and retail placement.