Product, Branding, Packaging, Engineering and Manufacturing by SnS Design, Inc
“SnS Design was integral in taking our Zipz wine concept from a new idea to an actual revolutionary product”
SnS Designed Zipz Wine and Fetzer – Crimson & Quartz from a simple thought to a successful product and packaging design.” SnS Design (, a woman-owned industrial design consultancy located in New York City , was selected to help design a unique single-serve wine glass. An industrial design firm that helps businesses design products from the initial product concept stage through successful product development and retail launch. SnS Design, designed an elegant, traditional looking glass, for stylish wine drinking. All you have to do is pull the tab to tear the wrap, remove the lid and snap it onto the bottom, then peel off the seal and enjoy your wine anywhere and anytime. SnS Design helped transform an single serve wine idea into an exciting innovation to be enjoyed by wine lovers anywhere.